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  • “I am so glad to have the privilege of coming upon your Action-Reaction Swing theory as it has given me more confidence, turning me into a cooler trader instead of being panicky every time the chart flutters.”

    Tan Yeey Poh Kheng, Singapore

  • “…I read John Crane’s article on reversal dates and immediately found it to be absolutely the best trading technique I’ve ever come across.”

    John Gerrety

  • “It is the best and most holistic approach I have seen to date and I have spent more than I care to admit on books, courses, etc.”

    Peter Adamson

  • “Your book is thoroughly original! I am not aware of any other work that explains in such complete detail how to make time and price calculations work…”

    Steven Phillips

  • “John Crane's "Unlocking Wealth" now sits in my trading library alongside the truly great trading books ever published. It is the only book I have ever read that makes it practical to use market structure alone to forecast both price and time. I simply have not found other approaches to be practical to use. Crane's approach is both practical and effective.”


Simply put, “Action-Reaction” swing trading strategy provides the tools to take advantage of the entire trend, where other strategies are forced to wait for the trend to mature.

“Action/Reaction,” combined with Market Timing Intelligence, is the only strategy to give you all three essential components - market direction, price projection and trade duration - needed for a successful swing trade.

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The “Action-Reaction” signal pattern has the unique ability to identify the “ sweet spot” where a market is building energy inside a trend that can precede explosive market moves and capture the entire move, from beginning to end! It does not matter what market or what time frame you use!

While most traders put their emphasis on timing the entry, “action-reaction” puts just as much emphasis on the exit. The wrong “exit” strategy can ruin a good trade, while the correct “exit” strategy can turn a marginal trade into a successful trade. Unlike other swing trading strategies that only give you half the information needed for a successful trade signal, “Action-Reaction” swing trading provides all the information necessary for a swing trader to succeed.

You will learn to:

  • Recognize and benefit from the profound influence that “Action-Reaction” exerts on all markets in all degrees of a trend
  • Determine correct market behavior to identify when a market correction is most likely to begin
  • Combine price action with market timing to pinpoint high-probability reversal periods and price target objectives
  • Capitalize on market momentum to identify when a price swing is losing momentum and likely to reverse or move into consolidation.
  • Combine energy building patterns with timing patterns to isolate and take advantage of high probability breakout points
  • Project future market reversals in terms of price, time and direction with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Identify low-risk support and resistance levels that appear on every chart, yet most people don’t even recognize them.
  • Benefit from both bullish and bearish market trends.
  • Use a simple median line to determine if a market is losing or gaining momentum
  • Identify the “sweet spot” where a market is building energy inside a trend that can precede explosive market moves.
  • Identify when a market is conducive for swing trading
  • Understand how the current market behavior will affect future price action so you can be proactive with your trade management

John Crane has laid out a clear and concise tutorial so you can quickly learn these powerful strategies and quickly begin to use one of the most powerful swing trading strategies available today.

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